The Becker Engineering Group
1725 North Talbot Road, R.R. #1 Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9A 6J3

Tel: 519.737.7234
Fax: 519.737.7796

The Becker Engineering Group has investigated over four thousand serious motor vehicle accidents across Canada and the United States. Our clients have included major insurance companies, national trucking firms, independent adjusters, legal counsel and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We have earned a reputation for being honest and resourceful. We are truth-seekers and not case-makers. As Professional Engineers, we render opinions only when they are founded on adequate knowledge and honest conviction.

In the investigation and engineering analysis of an accident, we utilize numerous engineering tools including Sokia and Leica Electronic Total Stations, the Crash Data Retrieval Kit, ABS Expert, and RAI Air System-Expert. We employ computer software such as AutoCad, HVE-3D, and 3D StudioMax to assist in the documentation and graphic depiction of our investigative findings.

The collection and documentation of physical evidence can be done through photography, videography or by using state-of-the-art survey equipment. Various computer software packages are used to generate drawings, to perform analyses of the vehicle dynamics and to study the 3-dimensional movements of vehicle occupants in impacts. The results of our analyses can be graphically presented in 2-D drawings or visualized in 2-or 3-D using a sequence of computer generated images often referred to as animation.

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